4 Home Office Shelving Ideas

office shelving

The concept of a dedicated home office has transformed tremendously in the last few years, from being an additional, unique space to something compulsory of sorts. Changing technology, lifestyles that allow smart management of resources, enabling us to work from home increasingly has seen the home office become a substantial part of new residences across the globe. Obviously, for the majority of us who do not have one or live in an apartment demanding space-savvy design, finding room for one is an uphill proposition. Organized, dashing open shelves make the job quite a lot easier! In this article, we give you 4 of the top home office shelving ideas or office bookshelves ideas that can make your workplace a lot more efficient and organized.

Wall of Shelves

Undoubtedly the most impressive and easier way to display space to your home office and add storage is with a home office wall shelving comprising the wall of smart home office shelves. No, we aren’t just talking about a few modular open shelves in the home office. Instead, convert a whole level in the room into a series of shelves. If your home office has a double-height ceiling, even better!

Freestanding Shelving Units

Do you already own a home office and feel the idea of ‘wall of shelves’ as too much of a renovating work? Don’t fret; we’ve got the perfect alternative in the shape of a freestanding shelf unit that adds pizzazz, contrast, and color to the home office. The implementation of this one is easy because only the style, color scheme, and the overall dimensions of the room determine your choice here.

Weaving together multiple options

If there is something that people don’t like about open shelves, it is that they demand a clutter-free design philosophy and a particular sense of organizing disciple. In case you feel that this is impossible in your home office, couple the cabinets at the lower level with the open shelves in the upper half of the room. While this isn’t a revolutionary idea either, the classics are a classic for a good reason!

Find Space for Shelving

The difficult part about complementing your home office with office shelves is finding space for them. If an open plan living houses your office, a smart divider doubling as shelving may be able to serve a plethora of purposes without any square footage being wasted. Slim glass shelves having strip LED lighting is more of an aesthetic option than heavy-duty workers, being great for those who don’t need a lot of shelf space. From the wall above the desk to space beneath the stairway, it all depends on your home office and its distinct floor plan.

What’s the wait then? Invest in one of our office shelving ideas and see your productivity multiply tenfold.