Boltless Shelving – An Efficient Storage Solution

Boltless shelving which is also commonly recognized as rivet shelving is an absolutely economical and efficient storage option in a multitude of applications. These shelves are particularly designed for the storage of loads which are from small to medium in size. That is the main reason why they are often spotted in the distribution hubs and storehouses of supply rooms, pharmacies and archive record warehouses.

Design of Boltless Shelves

Without any kind of sway panels or braces, the rivet shelves offer unhindered access to the workers from all four directions. Consequently, it makes the whole procedure to load and unload stuff notably efficiently. This storage solution comes with simple boltless shelving parts that rigidly lock into each other in order to make shelving units that are exceptionally strong. These shelves are available in diverse weight capacities and configurations depending upon the required applications.

Types of Boltless Shelves

Rivet or boltless shelving is divided into two main categories known as double rivet and single rivet shelves. Both of these types are discussed below:

  • Single Rivet Units

Also recognized as low profile boltless shelving, on mid-levels it employs beams with single rivets. However, beams with double rivets are used at the bottom as well as top in order to ensure the rigidity. The width of these units can go up to forty-eight inches. Typically they are designed to offer more accessibility and relatively less capacity.

  • Double Rivet Units

As its name suggests this is the type of boltless shelving which comes with two rivets. These units are usually devised for the widths which range anywhere from forty-eight to ninety-six inches. The capacity of this type of rivet shelves is comparatively quite high and probably that is why it is so known as long-span units.

Pros of Employing Boltless Shelving

There are is a wide assortment of upsides that are associated with the utilization of boltless shelves. Some of the noteworthy ones are listed here:

  • Durability

The commercial rivet shelves are made by used top-quality steel of 14-gauge to ensure strong support. To enhance the weight capacity on every single level one can add some center supports. Each unit can have a weight capacity ranging from six hundred to seventeen hundred and fifty lbs.  

  • Highly Customizable

Another key upside of employing boltless shelving in the warehouses is that they are way more customizable as compared to any other form of storage solution. Units can be ordered with customized specifications with an array of heights along with the needed number of floors. Adjustable shelves allow workers to put in or take out inventory efficiently. The floors of each unit can be designed and structured differently in order to accommodate diverse products.

  • Visibility of Items

Each and every product which is placed on the shelves of these units is completely visible. As a result of it, the order retrieval process improves significantly since employees can locate all items in no time.

  • Appropriate to Store Unique Products

Fabric or carpet rolls, computer parts, and archives are some common products that are generally stored on boltless shelving. People no longer have to stack bulky products where they become invisible and even harder to find and access.

  • Flexible and Easy Assembly

The one and only tool which is necessary to assemble boltless shelving parts is mallet. The whole process of assembling these units is unproblematic and quick. In addition to it, users of this storage solution enjoy the privilege of creating incredibly productive designs according to the desired utilization. The airflow and visibility can also be augmented by employing the decking of mesh wire.