Terms and conditions


TERMS, CONDITIONS & WARRANTY TERMS: Net 30 days to firms who have established satisfactory credit. Otherwise we reserve the right to ship C.I.A., Company Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer.

Invoices must be paid within terms to qualify for Sale Prices and discounts off current retail prices. Invoices that are paid beyond terms are subject to adjustment from sale pricing to full retail pricing in addition to a 1.5% per month (18% per annum) service charge. We reserve the right to accept credit card payments for open terms customers providing that the invoices are not past due by more than 30 days.

Collections: Should collections of unpaid invoices become necessary, purchaser agrees to pay to seller any court judgements, interest and or collection agency fees.

Credit Cards: Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover are accepted at time of purchase for those who do not have open terms. We reserve the right to accept credit card payments for open terms customers providing the invoices are not past due by more than 30 days.

CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: We offers our normal insurance package for all projects. Customers that request higher insurance or special endorsements will be invoiced at our cost for their additional needs.

PRICES: All prices shown are net prices and subject to change without notice. Shipping & handling and any required packaging or cartoning for any items are not included in net prices. Inside delivery and assembly required separate quotation.

GUARANTEED LOW COST SHIPPING: Before we provide our Shipping quote, we do shop around with all our trusted carriers in our network who meet our Policies and performance guidelines. Our Customers always take advantage of our large network of trucking companies and high-volume discounts. Also, You bring any shipping quote and we will match it if all services, transit times and quality are same.

ORDER CHANGE OR CANCELLATIONS: Ocassionally it may be necessary for you to change or cancel an order. We will gladly accommodate your request at no charge if the order has not been entered into our production system. We suggest you carefully check your orders and acknowledgements so that changes may be made as early as possible. Orders already entered and in process of manufacture are subject to 30% of value of order cancellation charge. If the item has already been manufactured per your specific order request and is either pending shipping or has already shipped, you may not cancel the order.

PRODUCT REFUSAL: In some cases, we will permit you to refuse delivery of an item. You must first have written authorization or you will be subject to full product cost and freight, including freight charges for returning the item to the point of origin where it was shipped from.

CLAIMS: All claims reported must be made within 72 hours of receipt and confirmed via fax or email.

REQUEST TO RETURN MERCHANDICE: Request to return merchandise must be made within 20 days of being received. We (distributor) have no obligation to accept the return of any merchandise which conforms to merchandise ordered by the end-user. In the event that the merchandise does not conform, is defective, or if there are special circumstances which would reasonably require the return of merchandise, the distributor who ordered the merchandise must request authorization from the manufacturer. Return shipments will not be accepted unless accompanied by written authorization by the factory. Returns will be subject to additional charges which may include the following:

1) Transportation Cost

2) Handling Charges

3) Refurbishing Cost

4) Restocking Fees (To Be Determined)



  • Item must be clean and free of dents, scratches, holes, tears, cracks, stickers, labels, price tags, etc.
  • The item must be unused.
  • All parts, hardware, instructions, warranty cards, ets., must be included.
  • The item must be in its original packaging. This includes the box or carton in which it came in, wrap, protection, or sleeve supplies by the manufacturer.


  • Each carton must have RA (Return Authorization) sticker affixed, with relevant information noted in the the Comment Box.
  • The manufacturer’s carton must be free of writing, such as “Sold To”, RA #, or “Return To”, etc. (Please use return labels.)
  • The carton must be free fo holes, cuts, tears, etc.
  • The carton must be free of excessive tape or odd tapes (i.e. duct or Christmas tape, etc.)
  • Furniture cartons must be opened properly. Preferably by opening the carton flaps. Never cut the furniture cartons around th bottom or down the sides.
  • All internal packaging (i.e. bubble wrap, cardboard corners, tops and side strips) must be in place.
  • Do Not write RA #’s, consumer information, or tothe information on the manufacturer boxes.


  • Ready to assemble furniture is not returnable if the manufacturer’s carton has been opened and any assembly has been attempted.



  • DO ensure that ALL packing material to include inside packing materials, instructions and hardware are returned wtih the product. (i.e. nuts, bolts, coasters, screws etc.)
  • DO keep the use of packing tape to a bare minimum. (i.e. overlap folding of box top flaps rather than using tape) also apply tape over existing taped areas when tape must be use.
  • DO ensure that RA’s are indicated on EACH carton or piece of product. (Not written on the package or carton)
  • DO ensure that keys are kept in the locks when applicable or packaged in a way to prevent them from being lost.
  • DO ensure that product is shipped and handled using the CORRECT size pallet for the item.
  • DO indicate the type of damage or reason for th return in/on the “return authorization sticker” in th comments area.


  • DO NOT write on th boxes or cartons for any reason.
  • DO NOT stack boxes contradictory to the packaging instructions and/or indicator arrows.
  • DO NOT stack heavy items on top of metal product that can be easily damaged in transit by being crushed.
  • DO NOT open cartons for cancelled orders that awill be returned.
  • DO NOT return “NL” (not listed) merchandise, as we don not accept these items for return.
  • DO NOT return product damaged by the customer, or items not in re-saleable condition.

SALES TAX: State and local taxes are not included in these net prices except where required by law. We only charge and collect applicable California Sales Tax which is NOT calculated on any quotes, proposals or preliminary invoices. Freight charges may include additional handling charges and therefore is also a taxable item in California. Buyer is responsible for any state taxes.

FREIGHT, SHIPPING & HANDLING: Due to fluctuations in fuel cost and assessed fuel surcharges issued by ALL carriers, the estimated freight charge either verbally quoted or as listed on any quote, proposal or preliminary invoice is based on today’s current rate and subject to change without notice. All orders placed will be billed out at the current freight rate at time of shipment. Under no circumstances will American Print & Filing Management, dba American Filing Solutions; aka FilingToday.com, TheFilingStore.com, MobileFilingSystems.com and TheFilingShop.com pay customers for receiving or installation delays caused by the trucking industry. Inside delivery and assembly required separate quotation.

RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY – ADDITIONAL CHARGES: If carriers accessed additional charges for residential delivery, these charges will be subject to addtional billings without notices. We can not control any back charges by the carriers for residential delivery.

RE-SCHEDULING OF SHIPMENTS: American Print & Filing Management, dba American Filing Solutions; aka FilingToday.com, TheFilingStore.com, MobileFilingSystems.com and TheFilingShop.com is NOT responsible for any additional cost that may be charged by trucking companies for delaying shipments in transit to the end-user and or for keeping the ordered merchandise in their distribution warehouse until the end-user is ready to receive the product(s). These cost if applicable are the sole responsibility of the end-user.

FREIGHT DAMAGE: Despite everyone’s best efforts, shipping damage does occasionally happen. Therefore, whoever signs for the delivery MUST inspect the packaging in the presence of the driver and MUST note any evidence or mishandling on the bill of lading. As soon as possible, the merchandise in question should be unpacked and further inspected and any damage reported to the shipping company WITHIN 72 HOURS OF DELIVERY. Failure to do so will likely void the right to file a claim and recover the cost of replacement. The seller will be glad to assist in every way we can but this part of it is YOUR responsibility.

All claims for freight damage or concealed damage must be filed or reported within 72 hours of receiving the shipment(s) or you may lose the opportunity to be reimbursed for any freight claim. Freight damage or concealed damage is NOT the responsibility of American Print & Filing Management, dba American Filing Solutions; aka FilingToday.com, TheFilingStore.com, MobileFilingSystems.com and TheFilingShop.com. We will assist you and file freight claims on your behalf and re-order damaged items as needed to correct the problem. Any additional cost resulting from replacing damaged items are the sole responsibility of the end-user and will be charged either to the clients original credit card or invoiced, if the client has an approved credit status. If the client chooses to proceed with installing a damaged item until a replacement is provided, the client agrees to pay any additional cost for the return of the installers, dismantling and re-assembly.


Carefully examine all packages and note any indication of damage or shortage on the delivery receipt before signing to accept delivery. Ask delivery driver to sign also. If the driver won’t sign your annotated delivery receipt, refuse the shipment. Signing for a shipment without notation of damage or shortage makes it extremely difficult to settle a freight claim successfully. If damage is discovered after delivery is accepted, keep all packing material in the same condition in which it was received. Contact the carrier immediately and request an inspection of damaged goods. Failure to immediately report concealed damages will result in the carrier denying the claim. Reporting damage to the carrier and requesting an inspection are the responsibility of the recipient; however, American Print & Filing Management, dba American Filing Solutions; aka FilingToday.com, TheFilingStore.com and MobileFilingSystems.com will assist you in submitting the claim. We are NOT responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing freight damaged merchandise. When Damaged Freight is received, record damage information on delivery receipt before signing, and ask delivery driver to sign the annotated receipt. Retain the documents to submit with the freight claim. Refuse the shipment if driver will not sign to acknowledge the damages. Do not unpack damaged merchandise. Keep all packing material intact and contact the carrier freight claims department to request an inspection of damage. Carriers are bound to respond to request for inspection within 48 hours of your call. Call us at 1-888-891-1970 if you need assistance with the freight claim. After inspection read the inspector’s report before signing. Unless you are certain that damage can be repaired to your complete satisfaction, be sure the report requests replacement of goods. If you do not agree with the inspector’s conclusions, do not sign the report. Retain damaged merchandise and all packaging/cartons until written authorization to discard is received from the carrier. Do not return damaged merchandise unless authorized by the seller after the carrier has accepted responsibility for cost of freight and repair.

ACCESS TO JOB SITES UNDER CONSTRUCTION: If sellers deliveries are delayed due to clients construction delays of place of business or due to inadequate delivery access to a job site under construction, the buyer agrees to pay any re-scheduling charges assessed by the carrier including storage and re-delivery charges.

INSTALLATION / ASSEMBLY CHARGE: If applicable includes having the installers move the new equipment within the building a short distance on a single floor but, unless specifically stated does not include the use of stairs or elevator. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping and delivery, please call us at 1-888-891-1970 or email: sales@ShelvingTomorrow.com to discuss.