Wire Shelves That Enhances the Look And Feel of Your Home

What crosses your mind when you hear the words ‘wire shelving’? Garage Storage? Yes, but it isn’t pretty. I’m here to change that answer. Making you think of wire shelving as stylish, useful, modern, chic, and purposeful. Are you ready for some wire shelving decorating ideas?

Wire shelving in the kitchen

When silver, whites, greens, and soft pinks in the metals all go together beautifully, you almost forget that this is just a mere kitchen shelving unit. To think how the metal in the shelving complements the microwave and the pans and pots are kinds of genius. While this simple unit looks quite chic, it’s still very purposeful and useful in a kitchen.

Although the mixture of wood and metal may have looked really boring and simple, the opposite is true in kitchen wire shelves. This brilliant combination is a perfect canvas, perfect for showcasing beautiful items and special dishes. The versatility of being able to switch the height of wire kitchen shelves also comes in handy, brilliantly highlighting the metal skeleton of the whole unit.

Wire shelving for living rooms

The square shelving has been around for a while and is quite hot. These squares provide just enough of a visual break between the units, offering a contemporary look. The rectangular break in between the bottom and top shelf is very fresh. The visual interest is added not by the typical alphabetical order but by color.

The wire and wood shelves are quite underrated. A mix of wood and wire that really works well is where the shelves aren’t necessarily useful since they’re very close, vertically! A much-needed visual break on such a big unit is added by the design element. Being new and fresh, it adds a bit of attraction to the overall appearance of the String shelving unit.

Wire shelving for bedrooms, workspaces, and bathrooms

This living home wiring shelving is so fantastic that it’s used in a bedroom, still looking very chic, while also creating some amazing storage. This unit or wire bookshelves serve to hold books, accessories, a TV, and even a full makeup area. The good thing about the metal shelving is the fact that it’s neutral, and as you can see, it can be used in a plethora of places.

Another good way is to build a functional mini office, the one that blends into the wall. The use of a ghost chair as an accompaniment complements the lightness, and the wire shelving makes the whole thing look as if it’s floating. This is a brilliant utilization of a small space that becomes not only useful but beautiful as well.

4 Home Office Shelving Ideas

office shelving

The concept of a dedicated home office has transformed tremendously in the last few years, from being an additional, unique space to something compulsory of sorts. Changing technology, lifestyles that allow smart management of resources, enabling us to work from home increasingly has seen the home office become a substantial part of new residences across the globe. Obviously, for the majority of us who do not have one or live in an apartment demanding space-savvy design, finding room for one is an uphill proposition. Organized, dashing open shelves make the job quite a lot easier! In this article, we give you 4 of the top home office shelving ideas or office bookshelves ideas that can make your workplace a lot more efficient and organized.

Wall of Shelves

Undoubtedly the most impressive and easier way to display space to your home office and add storage is with a home office wall shelving comprising the wall of smart home office shelves. No, we aren’t just talking about a few modular open shelves in the home office. Instead, convert a whole level in the room into a series of shelves. If your home office has a double-height ceiling, even better!

Freestanding Shelving Units

Do you already own a home office and feel the idea of ‘wall of shelves’ as too much of a renovating work? Don’t fret; we’ve got the perfect alternative in the shape of a freestanding shelf unit that adds pizzazz, contrast, and color to the home office. The implementation of this one is easy because only the style, color scheme, and the overall dimensions of the room determine your choice here.

Weaving together multiple options

If there is something that people don’t like about open shelves, it is that they demand a clutter-free design philosophy and a particular sense of organizing disciple. In case you feel that this is impossible in your home office, couple the cabinets at the lower level with the open shelves in the upper half of the room. While this isn’t a revolutionary idea either, the classics are a classic for a good reason!

Find Space for Shelving

The difficult part about complementing your home office with office shelves is finding space for them. If an open plan living houses your office, a smart divider doubling as shelving may be able to serve a plethora of purposes without any square footage being wasted. Slim glass shelves having strip LED lighting is more of an aesthetic option than heavy-duty workers, being great for those who don’t need a lot of shelf space. From the wall above the desk to space beneath the stairway, it all depends on your home office and its distinct floor plan.

What’s the wait then? Invest in one of our office shelving ideas and see your productivity multiply tenfold.

The Best Warehouse Storage Solutions

When you work in a warehouse for a long period of time, you start to think that you’ve seen everything. You know exactly where everything goes, what type of warehouse shelves you need to use, and you feel like everything is under your control.

But there’s one thing that we all have learned: there’s always a new type of storage to try out in warehouses of any size, irrespective of what you have to store. We enlighten you with our favorite five warehouse storage solutions that you didn’t know you needed.

Pallet Rack Wire Decking

In terms of wire storage solutions, warehouse pallet racks top the list. A large number of people love their pallet racks, subsequently assuming that everything is established so long as the shelves remain intact, but that’s not the case. Finding the appropriate pallet rack decking may actually go a long way towards keeping your shelves safer overall, more visible, and better organized. Wire decking may help you in separating the products better, support more weight than usual decks, and assist you in finding items more quickly with greater visibility.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

In the warehouse, wall mounted wire storage shelving may actually serve a lot of uses. Try hanging them around your facility at strategic locations to help better organize receiving and shipping areas, help tidy up common areas like break rooms and cafeterias, and provide easier access to needed supplies, for example, toolboxes, gloves, and hard hats.

Shelf Tracks

Many warehouses have a carton flow solution, which aids in moving products from one area to another. But what about shelves that assist you in moving product across the individual racks? Shelf tracks assist in moving products with the durability and speed of a gravity rack, except they’re installable on shelf racks, reducing the hassles associated with heavy boxes and large shipments and facilitating in moving products more quickly.

Record Storage

A large number of businesses need to have physical, hard copies of their records for numerous reasons, typically to comply with federal regulations. Even if they’re just sheets of paper, these documents may pile up after a while. If your warehouse needs to keep tax paperwork, bills of the manifest, or shipping records for an extended duration, high-density record storage is a low-profile, great way to keep these records exactly where you need them.

Bulk Storage Racks

In cases where your goods are bulkier that need to be accessed without the existence of powered lift equipment such as forklifts, bulk storage racks are a fireproof, strong, and durable way to help store your heaviest goods in their own dedicated spaces. For this purpose, storage shelves with baskets and storage bin rack may also be used.

5 Advantages of Cantilever Storage Rack Shelf


Cantilever shelving systems are an efficient way to store and access different types of items. These types of storage systems have a number of industrial applications that makes them fit for business use. The designs of these shelving systems are useful for storing long items like piping or lumber logs. Here we list 5 advantages of a cantilever storage rack to decide which design suits your needs.

  1. Easily Supports Long Items

The major advantage of a cantilever racking system is the room to store large or bulky items. The design of these shelves is extremely customizable to fit the needs of the type of item. It is especially beneficial to store long items as it does so very easily without obstructing the storage area.

In a naturally occurring environment, any long item, for example, a stick. To carry such an item, a two-arm is required along with support from the center. The same principle of design words effortlessly on a cantilever storage shelf. This makes it a perfect choice for large industrial item storage.

  • Supports Items of High Weight

Another benefit of these storage racks is their ability to support items of very high weight. This is quite useful for the business, as most industries require storage of heavy items.

Cantilever racking provides this facility to a number of different companies in a number of industries. An example of this can be the storage of large lumber logs that are both long and heavy.

  • Easily Stackable

Another advantage of cantilever shelving system that we are discussing is the ability to stack up. In addition, they are vertically open and do not obstruct the space for anything else you want space for. This is especially advantageous for organizations in different schemes for storage facilities.

However, the basic recommendation is to make the storage space according to the safety standards and protocols.

  • Easily Accessible

The chief principle that is considered during storage is the accessibility and handling of products stored within. In such a way, cantilever storage racks are simple to access and easy to handle.

In any storage warehouse, the accessibility is considered with a forklift or any machinery. These issues are easily covered in these storage systems.

In addition, these storage systems configured as double-sized shelves. Making them a more efficient system of storage.

  • Reconfiguration and Installation

An important point to consider when dealing with a storage system is to plan ahead of time. Planning the layout and the configuration of the facility is an essential step of the process. This is where types of cantilever racks come in handy. They are simple to install and are compatible with almost every system.

This ability provides high compatibility to these systems to adopt different styles and structures. An organization scheme is also quite easy to adopt any change that may occur.

Final Word

Cantilever storage systems provide a vast variety of benefits to your business. Their compatibility and reliability make them the best-suited choice for industrial use.

Warehouses can take much benefit from these shelving systems regarding their storage and accessibility options.

How to Reduce the Rising Warehouse Costs?

Warehouse Shelving

Often, it becomes awfully expensive to maintain a warehouse. There’s a lot of warehousing costs that can suddenly crop up, a lot of inventory to manage, and a lot of moving parts. While these things are considered as part and parcel of any business, irrespective of what you do, there are always small changes that you can make to instill cost efficiency.

Does it sound like a good idea? Follow our list of five ways that you can adopt to reduce the warehouse costs and expenses as you dive into the next year.

Reduce space and optimize storage

One of the biggest factors that impact your expenses is effective space utilization. There may be a number of issues – a warehouse too large for the inventory you have, too few or shelves used improperly, or a combination thereof. So, when you do an inventory count the next time around, don’t forget to take note of how everything is laid out. You may also look to invest in industrial shelving, industrial shelves, or industrial shelving units for this purpose.

Cross-train your employees

Based on the workload, sometimes, you just can’t get over with increasing your staff to maintain productivity and KPIs. In numerous cases, you can cross-train your workforce to help out when you’re able to reduce overall labor costs and maintain efficiency. After identifying some of your key workers, start a program that cross-trains them in other areas.

Reorganize items based on sales trends

The costs of a warehouse may be computed through both the actual financial impact and the time it takes to finish a task, for example, restocking the product or shipping an order. As items shift in popularity, it will serve your firm in entirety to rearrange these items, depending on sales figures.

Use standardize equipment

Today, a lot of warehouses function on whatever equipment was purchased for them at the time. While it may be a bit of an upfront cost, standardizing your equipment, for example, power adapters, mice, and other accessories, will prevent additional expenses down the road while you try to keep aging computers and tablets up and running.

Buy used whenever possible

Most warehouse supplies and installations, from packaging and containers to used pallet racks are available second-hand. In numerous cases, these will be both inexpensive and potentially eco-friendly – by purchasing used shipping containers; for instance, you can reduce the amount of paper waste and wood created by your practices. The savings will both be immediately apparent as you save costs on the preliminary product cost, reducing your costs in material repair and usage over the years.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Wire Shelving

It can be a demanding task for businesses to create and maintain a storage space that serves all of their needs in an effective manner. There is a whole plethora of shelving options that an organization can choose from and one of them is wire shelving. If you are curious to know how this form of shelving can be beneficial for your enterprise then you are in the right place. Following is the list of five major upsides of installing wire shelving units.

1. Highly Customizable

One of the main reasons why businesses prefer wired shelves over many other commercial storage solutions is the versatility they offer. They can be installed without any kind of trouble literally anywhere you want. The modular nature of wire shelves assists in creating storage units which are highly customizable. One can purchase a kit that comes with just about all the necessary wire shelving accessories which you may need to erect a simple two, three or four-level units depending upon your unique requirements.

2. Greater Capacity at a Lower Price

Wire shelving is definitely not the sole storage choice available in the market. These days, it has to compete with several other alternatives, such as polymer shelving that has pretty much a similar application. However, wire shelves are by far a more reasonably priced option. Apart from the price-tag which makes them more attractive, another reason is the capacity that these shelves provide. Wire shelves can easily handle the same amount of weight that any premium shelves of the polymer are capable of. Consequently, offer more value for money.

3. Allow Air to Circulate

For some businesses, such as restaurants, it is critical to have storage units that allow air to circulate all through the inventory. It plays a great role in keeping the stored items dry and prevents them from getting mold. Metal wire shelving minimizes the dust accumulation and makes the whole process of cleaning considerably easier. One can also get these storage units that have an extra layer of antimicrobial coating. It definitely decelerates bacterial growth and elongates the overall life of shelve units.

4. Offer Mobility  

Different businesses have different needs. Industrial wire shelving is designed by keeping this crucial fact into consideration. Stationary units stay put in one spot. Generally, they feature adjustable feet in order to install shelves on those floors which are not even. Mobile wire storage units are equipped with caster in place of normal feet. It is suitable for those businesses which have to transfer their stored goods from one place to another frequently.  Casters can also be locked to park the shelves safely.

5. Available in Multiple Materials

There is an ample assortment of wire shelving storage solutions available on the basis of diverse materials. For high humidity and wet areas, epoxy units are a great option. It’s a coating that resembles rubber and used to protect shelves metal from rust. Stainless steel and chrome-plated shelves are the other two choices. Stainless steel shelves are suitable for storage spaces like freezers and coolers. Because of their ruggedness, shelves that feature chrome plates are employed where there are chances of significant abrasion.

Boltless Shelving – An Efficient Storage Solution

Boltless shelving which is also commonly recognized as rivet shelving is an absolutely economical and efficient storage option in a multitude of applications. These shelves are particularly designed for the storage of loads which are from small to medium in size. That is the main reason why they are often spotted in the distribution hubs and storehouses of supply rooms, pharmacies and archive record warehouses.

Design of Boltless Shelves

Without any kind of sway panels or braces, the rivet shelves offer unhindered access to the workers from all four directions. Consequently, it makes the whole procedure to load and unload stuff notably efficiently. This storage solution comes with simple boltless shelving parts that rigidly lock into each other in order to make shelving units that are exceptionally strong. These shelves are available in diverse weight capacities and configurations depending upon the required applications.

Types of Boltless Shelves

Rivet or boltless shelving is divided into two main categories known as double rivet and single rivet shelves. Both of these types are discussed below:

  • Single Rivet Units

Also recognized as low profile boltless shelving, on mid-levels it employs beams with single rivets. However, beams with double rivets are used at the bottom as well as top in order to ensure the rigidity. The width of these units can go up to forty-eight inches. Typically they are designed to offer more accessibility and relatively less capacity.

  • Double Rivet Units

As its name suggests this is the type of boltless shelving which comes with two rivets. These units are usually devised for the widths which range anywhere from forty-eight to ninety-six inches. The capacity of this type of rivet shelves is comparatively quite high and probably that is why it is so known as long-span units.

Pros of Employing Boltless Shelving

There are is a wide assortment of upsides that are associated with the utilization of boltless shelves. Some of the noteworthy ones are listed here:

  • Durability

The commercial rivet shelves are made by used top-quality steel of 14-gauge to ensure strong support. To enhance the weight capacity on every single level one can add some center supports. Each unit can have a weight capacity ranging from six hundred to seventeen hundred and fifty lbs.  

  • Highly Customizable

Another key upside of employing boltless shelving in the warehouses is that they are way more customizable as compared to any other form of storage solution. Units can be ordered with customized specifications with an array of heights along with the needed number of floors. Adjustable shelves allow workers to put in or take out inventory efficiently. The floors of each unit can be designed and structured differently in order to accommodate diverse products.

  • Visibility of Items

Each and every product which is placed on the shelves of these units is completely visible. As a result of it, the order retrieval process improves significantly since employees can locate all items in no time.

  • Appropriate to Store Unique Products

Fabric or carpet rolls, computer parts, and archives are some common products that are generally stored on boltless shelving. People no longer have to stack bulky products where they become invisible and even harder to find and access.

  • Flexible and Easy Assembly

The one and only tool which is necessary to assemble boltless shelving parts is mallet. The whole process of assembling these units is unproblematic and quick. In addition to it, users of this storage solution enjoy the privilege of creating incredibly productive designs according to the desired utilization. The airflow and visibility can also be augmented by employing the decking of mesh wire.